AdWords & Analytics for startups

Architecting campaigns that bring strong ROI and broad marketing insights, at any level of monthly spend

“We focus on startups, bringing the agile mindset to AdWords. It can be a strategic channel that provides deep insights into customer behavior and acquisition, but only if measured closely and run efficiently. We have years of experience running campaigns that produce high returns for startups.”

Chris Basham  Partner, Duly Inc.

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ROI is the only thing that matters

Any other metric – CPC, CTR, signup rate – is just an intermediate metric that means nothing by itself.

Not an agency…

We’re consultants, not an agency. We never take a percentage of a client’s spend, and we don’t work on monthly retainer. Need a few hours, for just a couple of weeks? No problem.

Go deep on tracking visitor engagement

Set up click listeners and form submit listeners. Use these ‘micro conversions’ to see which keywords, ads, landing pages and web pages are producing the most engaged visitors.

“There’s no such thing as an expensive click. That’s because everything is measured in ROI. The most expensive thing that can happen is for all of the good clicks to go to your competitors!”

Let’s be smarter than most advertisers

We apply agile thinking to AdWords. Craft the smallest viable campaign, spend a little money on it, and quickly gain insights.

Then, double-down on the bright spots, pause the poor performers, and allocate a relatively small amount of new spend to new keywords to find ways to scale the spend.